Calculator and pen on Love Anchor document
Calculator and pen on Love Anchor document


Do you need a professional quotation for your custom design? Love Anchor offers a paid-for industry-standard quotation. The quotation comes complete with an analytical report of your tech pack designs, giving you an exact figure, including fully comprehensive costing and prices, so you know precisely your budget.
A paid quotation will include :
  • Detail material & hardware
  • Check the availability of all material needed
  • Timeline production
  • Projection price breakdown list MOQ 1000pcs order
  • Production Process Timeline: 5 days after payment received.
  • Valid: for 30 days
Once you've paid the quotation fee, we will then send you the list of info that your tech pack should include. We cannot start the quotation process until we've received this information.
  • The price of a quotation is $199 USD each design and it will be credited to your final production order.
  • Once you become a regular customer, we waive the quotation fee for quotes.

Have any questions about getting your quote with Love Anchor? Feel free to contact us through WhatsApp or use our contact form.