About Love Anchor

Location and Conception

Love Anchor nestled in the heart of coastal Canggu, Bali – Indonesia.

Established in 2012 from conception, a family-owned and operated business grew slowly and organically, turning into one of Bali's best-known shopping locations and fashion brands.

Love Anchor's name originates from the 'wheel and anchor' symbol in Gypsy mythicism. 

"Ever forward's until love is present in a place of peace.".

The love anchor boutique shopping complex in Canggu, Batu Bolong  

Love Anchor Canggu shopping complex comprises eight separate buildings, all solid teak structures, hand-built from Teak trees.  The two owners, now a married couple, cut and carried the farmed wood themselves from G-Land Banyuwangi Java to Canggu Bali in. a total of 27 round trips. No real plan or concept. They both just wanted to create something anarchic, raw, and beautiful. At the time, Canggu was not a big tourist attraction, and the project was thought by many a sure failure, a completely illogical project.

Today, Love Anchor stands strong, tall and proud as one of the must-visit places around Canggu.

Love Anchor flagship brand store 

The boutique store offers a selection of original handmade goods ranging from a vast selection of swimwear,  resort-wear, casual-wear, surf-wear and jewellery available for women, men, and kids. Love Anchor products are specially crafted by local designers, tailors, and producers, with comfortable fabrics to create unique pieces perfectly functional for everyday island life.

Love Anchor Bazaar 

The Love Anchor Bazaar is now a world-famous daily and weekend market that is the must-go shopping experiences of Canggu. Visitors can expect noteworthy local artisans, the freshest up and coming local and international brands in Bali, an immersive shopping experience, Real deal modern and traditional craftsmanship of Bali.

Love Anchor clothing manufacturing and fashion production service  

Brought to you by the same people that make Love Anchors clothing sold in the flagship store. Love Anchor has been in the clothing manufacturing and fashion Production Industry for over 20 years. With family ties to the City of Surakarta (Solo) Java, the central nervous system of Indonesia's fabric production and garment industry. The Love Anchor team is ready to assist you with your fashion production needs.

Love Anchor Photography Studio 

An on-site professional photography studio for anyone needing a professional photography studio in the heart of Canggu. Available hourly, daily, weekly, fully equipped with an on-site photography technician to lend a hand. Very competitive prices and with state of the art equipment were are very proud to offer this service.