The Love Anchor Production Team has over 30 years in the fashion industry and has produced small boutique brands and large global brands. 
A consultation with Love Anchor establishes confidence and understanding before you begin your journey to bring your concept to reality. This helps to ensure you enjoy the process and understand what's needed to succeed. 

Included in the Consultation Call:

  • In-depth 1 Hour Consultation with advice on Briefing your Idea & Design.
  • How production works in Bali, and how Love Anchor can help. 
  • Time Frame process from the start until finish. 
  • What to expect, what to prepare and how to be successful within timelines and seasons. 
  • Recommendation Contact for Quality Graphic Designers, Designers, Photographers, Marketers & Industry if Required.
  • Price: $100 USD and This price will be credited to your final MOQ production order.

Have any questions about consultations with Love Anchor? Feel free to contact us through WhatsApp or use our contact form.