Love Anchor Bali International
Love Anchor Bali International

Manufacturing in Bali

Love Anchor is the go to clothing manufacturers in Bali. We have a range clothing manufacturing services to assist clients with a smooth manufacturing process such as consultation, professional quotation, pattern drafting, sample making, sourcing, and grading. If you are looking for ethical Bali garment manufacturers you're in the right place. What make us different from other Bali clothing manufacturers? We actually have our brand and flagship store the sells direct to consumer so we understand the buyer/brands viewpoint better than any other Bali manufacturers

Our Manufacturing Services:

Pattern Making

  • Basic Specified by client / clean tech pack
  • $100  USD / Design

Grading Size

  • Per additional size
  • $50 USD / Size

Strike Off Dyeing Fabric

  • Color pantone by client
  • Price includes fabric
  • $100 USD / Color / Yard / Design

Strike Off Screen Print Material

  • Design and file by client
  • Price includes fabric
  • $250 USD / Color

Strike Off Digital Print

  • Design and file by client
  • Price includes fabric
  • $250 USD / Design

Material Sourcing

  • Furniture, homeware, rattan, leather goods, jewelry, kitchenware, rattan goods.
  • $100 USD / Item

Basic Custom Sample

  • Price include, consultation, quotation, production price, finished sample.
  • $500-$10,000USD / Design

Sample Revision

  • Change from your original tech pack
  • Price is twice that of your original production quote, prototype, or sample fitting.

Have any questions about manufacturing with Love Anchor? Feel free to contact us through WhatsApp or use our contact form.

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