Models in Bali Wearing Love Anchor Resortwear available for Fashion Production and Wholesale Orders

Clothing Manufacturing

Clothing Manufacturing in Bali

We have a range of development services to assist clients with a smooth manufacturing process such as consultation, professional quotation, pattern drafting, sample making, sourcing, and grading. These are just a few of the necessary first steps before you're ready to go into production.

  • Consultation calls (For Clients not 100% sure what they need or want) establishes confidence and understanding before beginning the journey to bring a concept to reality. ensuring that the process is enjoyable, cost effective and successful. Cost : $99 per call
  • Professional quotation. Receive an analytical report of your tech pack designs, giving you an exact figure for SAMPLING and materials including fully comprehensive costing. Professional quotation cost : $99
  • Sampling must be finished and agreed upon before bulk orders.
  • In order to calculate the costs for bulk production, we have to make the sample first. The sample price is three times that of the production price (so if the production price of each style is $50, it will cost $150 to make a sample. You will receive this calculation from our quotation service.
  • Two samples made (one for the client to review and second we will keep as a master copy)
  • The client is advised to have label branding and packaging ready before moving to bulk production. Depending on your labelling branding and packaging needs, it can take up to 4-6 weeks, so get it ready! 
  • Our standard MOQ for custom manufacturing is 200 pcs for each design, each colour.

Our Services

Pattern Making

  • Basic Specified by client / clean tech pack
  • $100  USD / Design


Grading Size

  • Per additional size
  • $50 USD / Size


Strike Off Dyeing Fabric

  • Color pantone by client
  • Price includes fabric
  • $100 USD / Color / Yard / Design


Strike Off Screen Print Material

  • Design and file by client
  • Price includes fabric
  • $250 USD / Color


Strike Off Digital Print

  • Design and file by client
  • Price includes fabric
  • $250 USD / Design


Material Sourcing

  • Furniture, homeware, rattan, leather goods, jewelry, kitchenware, rattan goods.
  • $100 USD / Item


Basic Custom Sample

  • Price include, consultation, quotation, production price, finished sample.
  • $500-$10,000USD / Design


Sample Revision

  • Change from your original tech pack
  • Price is twice of your original production quote, prototype, or sample fitting.

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